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Council of Economic Advisers:
  • The Economic Report of the President, January 2001
    Office of Mgt and Budget (OMB):
  • FY 2002 ECONOMIC OUTLOOK AND FY 2002 BASELINE PROJECTIONS, 1/16/01 [pdf format]
  • Mid-session Budget Review, 6/26/00 [pdf format]
    Health & Human Services:
  • 1999 Welfare to Work Participation Rates, 8/22/00
  • Deaths: Final Data for 1998 - Gun Deaths Among Children and Teens Drop Sharply, 7/24/00
    Federal R&D:
  • Federal Research and Development Activities in the Fifty States (Rand, June 2000)
  • Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future (CIA, 12/18/2000)
  • Climate Change Impacts on the U.S. (6/12/2000)
    Commerce Dept:
  • Digital Economy 2000
    Trustees Reports:
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Federal Spending by State (1999 CFFR)
    Dept. of Education:
  • Third International Mathematics and Science Study, 12/2000
  • A Back to School Special Report on the Baby Boom Enrollment Echo, 8/21/2000
  • The Education Record, 1993-2000
  • Budgeting for Defense: Maintaining Today's Forces (9/14)
  • The Budget and Economic Outlook: An Update (7/18)
  • Monthly Budget Review (5/12)
  • Analysis of the Administration's Prescription Drug Proposal (5/11)
  • Economic Analysis of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997
  • An Analysis of the President's Budgetary Proposals for Fiscal Year 2001 (4/10/00)
  • Budget Options (March 2000)
    GAO: [PDF format]
  • Performance and Accountability Series and High Risk Update, 2001 (1/17/01)
  • Financial Management: Improper Agency Payments Reported in Fiscal Year 1999
  • Campaign Finance Task Force: Problems and Disagreements Initially Hampered Justice's Investigation. GGD-00-101BR. (5/31)
  • Budget Issues: Budget Enforcement Compliance Report. AIMD-00-174. (5/31)
  • Financial Report of the US Government.
    Joint Econ. Comm:
  • High Tech. & the US Economy (June 2000)
  • US Economy and China's Admission to WTO [pdf]
    Think Tanks, etc.:
  • Government Performance Project 2001 -- Grading the States (Governing, 2/1/2001)
  • Center for Responsive Politics: Who's Paying for this Election, October 2000
  • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Expanding state Medicaid Programs to Low-Income Parents, 9/5
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation 2000 List of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places
  • Columbia University Death Penalty Study (June)
  • Governors: R&D and Growing State Economies (6/7)
  • American Legacy Foundation analysis of pre-and post-MSA tobacco industry advertising
  • Families USA: Drug Price Increases for Seniors, 1999-2000
  • Sierra Club Sprawl Report 2000
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    Oversight and Reform Committee
    Address: 2157 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-5074   Fax: (202) 225-3974
    Website: http://oversight.house.gov
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    Elijah Cummings Rep.
    Elijah Cummings (DEM-MD-7th)
    Ranking Member
    Jim Jordan Rep.
    Jim Jordan (REP-OH-4th)
    Republicans (17)
    Rep. Justin Amash (REP-MI-3rd)
    Rep. Paul Gosar (REP-AZ-4th)
    Rep. Virginia Foxx (REP-NC-5th)
    Rep. Thomas Massie (REP-KY-4th)
    Rep. Mark Meadows (REP-NC-11th)
    Rep. Jody Hice (REP-GA-10th)
    Rep. Glenn Grothman (REP-WI-6th)
    Rep. James Comer (REP-KY-1st)
    Rep. Michael Cloud (REP-TX-27th)
    Rep. Bob Gibbs (REP-OH-7th)
    Rep. Clay Higgins (REP-LA-3rd)
    Rep. Ralph Norman (REP-SC-5th)
    Rep. Chip Roy (REP-TX-21st)
    Rep. Carol Miller (REP-WV-3rd)
    Rep. Mark Green (REP-TN-7th)
    Rep. Kelly Armstrong (REP-ND-At-Large)
    Rep. Greg Steube (REP-FL-17th)
    Democrats (23)
    Rep. Carolyn Maloney (DEM-NY-12th)
    Del. Eleanor Norton (DEM-DC-At-Large)
    Rep. William Lacy Clay (DEM-MO-1st)
    Rep. Stephen Lynch (DEM-MA-8th)
    Rep. Jim Cooper (DEM-TN-5th)
    Rep. Gerald Connolly (DEM-VA-11th)
    Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (DEM-IL-8th)
    Rep. Jamie Raskin (DEM-MD-8th)
    Rep. Harley Rouda (DEM-CA-48th)
    Rep. Katie Hill (DEM-CA-25th)
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DEM-FL-23rd)
    Rep. John Sarbanes (DEM-MD-3rd)
    Rep. Peter Welch (DEM-VT-At-Large)
    Rep. Jackie Speier (DEM-CA-14th)
    Rep. Robin Kelly (DEM-IL-2nd)
    Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (DEM-CA-11th)
    Rep. Brenda Lawrence (DEM-MI-14th)
    Del. Stacey Plaskett (DEM-VI-At-Large)
    Rep. Ro Khanna (DEM-CA-17th)
    Rep. Jimmy Gomez (DEM-CA-34th)
    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DEM-NY-14th)
    Rep. Ayanna Pressley (DEM-MA-7th)
    Rep. Rashida Tlaib (DEM-MI-13th)
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