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Take Action Stop Unfair Use of Tax Dollars
H270 Prohibits Using Tax Dollars to Influence Elections
Does it seem fair or appropriate for taxing districts to use tax dollars to promote a bond or levy election which may, or may not be against the wishes of the taxpayers?

Almost every time there is a bond or levy election the local school district, or the city or county will use public resources to send out flyers in the utility bills, or the school newsletters to request taxpayers to vote “yes” in the election. 

This is an unfair advantage since taxpayer dollars are being used against taxpayers to promote measures that may, or may not be acceptable to the taxpayers.

H270 would not restrict elected officials from expressing their own opinions, nor from providing factual information about the measures, particularly the information that is required by law to be provided to taxpayers about bond or levy measures.

Under H270, taxing districts would be able to organize a citizens’ committee that would promote their bond or levy proposals.  The citizens’ committee would have to raise money to do the promotion, just like groups who oppose these measures must do.  This would alleviate the problem of using taxpayer dollars against the taxpayers’ wishes.

Taxpayers expect that taxing districts will use their tax dollars for the services they have been promised, not to be diverted into electioneering activities to promote measures that the taxpayers may not agree with.

H270 is a measured approach to an issue that grows larger each year as elected officials find new and more creative ways to push their ideas using taxpayer funding.

The House has already passed H270.  Now it needs to receive a hearing in the Senate before moving to the Senate floor.  
Your voice is needed to ensure that this bill moves forward.  Please take five minutes to send a brief note to your Senator asking them to support H270.  

Take Action
Please take a few minutes and explain in a few sentences why you think it is inappropriate to use tax dollars to affect the outcome of elections.  
Your personal message will be much more effective than any form letter. 

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