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Delaware: Help us Stop a Bad Winery Direct Shipping Bill

Update: June 21, 2018

Dear Delaware Wine Lovers,

As previously reported, House Bill 165 is the first winery direct shipping bill to pass the Delaware House.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that HB 165 continues to include an unworkable provision we have urged you to oppose because it bans shipments of any wines listed in the Delaware Beverage Guide. As you know we supported the bill as long as that provision was eliminated.

If HB 165 passes in its current form it will cause a lot of confusion, and set back our efforts. For starters, the Delaware Beverage Guide is not a public document; it is a password-protected website made available only to the 19 Delaware wholesalers and the state’s retailers. So there is no way you could know what wines are listed in the Guide, and therefore which wines are not available for winery direct shipment. And to add more confusion, wineries could list a Chardonnay but not their Cabernet Sauvignon in the Guide. The effect of HB 165 would be to force wineries to choose between selling wines direct to consumer, or through the traditional wholesaler-retailer channel, but not both.

This will be a mess. But some legislators think the ban is a good “compromise” with wholesalers and retailers! It is not, and will most likely set back efforts for years because the statute will need to be revoked and replaced.

So, unfortunately, we need your help now to oppose HB 165. Our mission is to expand consumer choice, not restrict it.   


  1. Email Your Senators. Take 2 minutes to personalize our updated sample message, below, which will be sent automatically to your legislators (so you don’t have to look this up).   
  2. Spread the word. Tell your friends about us on Facebook and share our page,

We hope to be back again in Delaware to support a workable bill!

Thank you for all your active support and letter-writing; it has made a big difference this year.

Free the Grapes!

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