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New York: Help us Expand Choice in Wine

Update: March 13, 2018

Dear Wine Lovers of New York,

We need your help to support favorable wine direct shipping legislation that, if passed, would improve your choice in wine.

As you probably know, New York currently allows winery-to-consumer shipments but prohibits direct shipments from out of state retailers to New Yorkers. Legislation has been introduced for consideration (Assembly Bill 5991, and its companion, Senate Bill 5330) that would overturn the existing ban and allow licensed out-of-state retailers to ship directly to New York consumers.

SB 5330 passed the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business today and heads to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration. If it passes that committee it will get a floor vote in the Senate.  

Now, we need your help to support this proposed legislation. 


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  3. Forward this Message to Your Friends and Colleagues: Legislators really do listen to consumers and we need wine lovers to speak up.

Many states allow direct-to-consumer shipments from wineries, but not retailers. In most states, powerful local retailer interests have maintained this archaic ban. But we believe consumers want real choice, from wineries as well as retailers, auction houses and subscription clubs that hold retailer licenses. While AB 5991/SB 5330 will only allow shipments from retailers located in one of the 14 other states that also allow retailer-to-consumer shipping, it is a step in the right direction. For example, it would allow shipments from retailers in California, Oregon and Virginia that also allow out-of-state retailer shipping, but not from Florida or New Jersey where it is prohibited.

Please write today. Together with you, we hope to improve consumer choice for New York’s wine lovers.

Thank you for your support!

Free the Grapes!

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