Legislative Alerts and Updates
Increase Coast Guard Budget like the Armed Services Budget
Support "Caring for Our Veterans Act" (S.2193)
Oppose TRICARE Regulation that Increases Fees
Oppose Senate Provisions in Final NDAA
Support Concurrent Receipt Amendment to Sen. NDAA
Oppose Onerous Provisions in Senate NDAA (S. 1519)
Exclude Defense from Sequestration
Support Blue Water Vietnam Veterans
Support GI Bill Reform (H.R. 3218)
Support Military Retiree Survivor Comfort Act” (H.R. 3011)
Extend Assistance for Military Widows (S. 1411)
Support SBP/DIC Offset Repeal (HR 846/S 339)
Support Faster Veterans Beneifts
Don't Weaken CFPB's Office of Service Members Affairs
Don't Reduce Disabled Vets Benefits
Stop TRICARE Fee Increase
Increase Coast Guard Budget like the Armed Services Budget
VA Disability Appeals Reform
Support Quicker Veterans Benefits
Pass FY 2017 Defense Budget Now!
Reserve Component Benefits Parity Act
Support Bill to Overhaul VA Appeals Process (S. 712)
Improve VA Programs for Women (S. 681)
Expand VA Caregivers Program (HR 1472/S.591)
Eliminate VA Choice Program Expiration
Help the so-called Atomic Veterans (HR 632/S283
Support Flag Desecration Amendment (HJRes. 61)
Support House and Senate Concurrent Receipt Bills
Support Blue Water Vietnam Veterans
Ask VA Secretary to Help "Blue Water" Vietnam Veterans
URGENT!!! House Agent Orange Bill Committee Vote