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Tell Congress to Raise the Budget Caps and Invest in Critical Services
Can we count on you to help protect funding for programs important to individuals with disabilities, older adults, and veterans?


Congress must act soon to fund the federal government for 2018. Many programs important to individuals with disabilities, older adults, and veterans are slated for cuts or low funding because of strict budget caps.

We need Congress to raise these low budget caps -- just as they have done in previous years.

Increasing the current discretionary funding caps would allow Congress to:

  • Invest in early education and intervention services for children with disabilities;
  • Reject devastating cuts proposed for employment services for youth and unemployed adults, including those over 55 years old; and
  • Fully fund employment supports and job training for homeless veterans and other important services for most-in-need populations.

Contact your Members of Congress today! Ask them to raise the budget caps and invest in early learning, employment, and other federal programs and services.

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Raise the Caps to Fund Key Federal Programs Targeted for Cuts
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Please support efforts to increase the discretionary budget caps. Additional resources are urgently needed to prevent significant cuts and low funding levels being proposed for programs important to individuals with disabilities, older adults, and veterans.

Who would be impacted without a change in the current budget caps?

* Children with disabilities may go without early intervention and early learning opportunities because funding for Grants for Infants and Families and Head Start fails to meet the nationwide need;

* Jobseekers of all ages could be left behind in today's job market because of cuts to employment services for youth (-10% to WIOA Youth Program), adults (-10% to WIOA Adult Program), and older adults (-25% to the Senior Community Service Employment Program); and

* Veterans experiencing homelessness may not receive the case management and employment supports they need because current funding for the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program falls short of the goal recently set by Congress.
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Raising the budget caps -- equally between defense and non-defense accounts -- will give Congress the resources to invest in essential federal services that help individuals with disabilities, veterans, older adults, and other specialized populations.


Thank you for considering my views.
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