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December 6, 2013

This Saturday is not just about pausing to remember the stealth bombing of Pearl Harbor and the brave individuals whose lives were lost. This December 7th is also about wielding off an attack on the very thing those Americans were defending — the United States Constitution.

On December 7, 2013, at George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon, there will be a closed-door meeting for hand-picked State Legislators from across the country. This secret meeting is designed as a pre-convention to prepare for what is being called “Convention of the States” (better known as an Article V Constitutional Convention or Con Con) for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution by using Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments as a blueprint.  

Article V of the U.S. Constitution delineates the methods for amending the Constitution, beginning traditionally with Congress, but also offering another method that has never been used: “The Congress . . . on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments . . .” 

Some suggest that Article V creates a path to bypass Congress through a so-called “Convention of the States.” But, in reality, the only power the states have is the opportunity to submit an “application” asking Congress to call a convention. Hundreds of such applications have been submitted over the years, with widely different purposes and wording, but if Congress ever decides to act, Article V gives Congress the exclusive power to issue the “call” for a convention to propose “amendments.”

Since the only way to call an Article V Convention is through Congress, we can logically assume then that Congress will want to control the Convention by making the rules. We know that Congress recognizes this power from an attempt in the past by former Democrat Senator Sam Ervin (NC) and Republican Congressman Henry Hyde (IL) to pass legislation that would govern a Convention.

Those organizing this Mt. Vernon Assembly believe a Constitutional Convention is the answer to the political ills facing our nation. We understand that conservatives are desperate for a solution to this do-nothing Congress and the tyrannical, scandal-ridden Administration of Barack Obama. We agree with Mark Levin on a host of other issues, but The Liberty Amendments is like a candy jar for conservatives, proposing every feel-good amendment one can imagine, but it is lacking in political realities.

The reality is that conservatives have not won a national election since 2004. The reality is that the one who controls the gavel will rule the convention. The reality is that liberals would love nothing more than to put the U.S. Constitution on a chopping block.

We know that this Assembly is born of the real frustration of conservatives who look with dismay at the obvious destruction of our fundamental liberties. But, unfortunately, the United States Congress is not composed of a conservative majority, and furthermore, neither are the majority of State Legislatures.

Instead of proposing that we subject the Constitution to this great unknown, why don’t these State Legislators start by forcing votes to reject federal funds and the strings attached, by opposing national standards such as the Common Core, by stopping the implementation of Obamacare, or by making strides to protect life and marriage? 

If we cannot win a national election, or control our City Councils, State Legislatures or Congressional Delegation, do we really think that “We the People” will control a national Constitutional Convention called by Congress? The large liberal states in Congress will certainly have the votes to set rules. So, we can rule out the possibility that we could pass any of the amendments suggested by conservatives, especially those that Levin includes in his book. Furthermore, those that currently violate the Constitution are not being impeached, removed from office, or prosecuted, so do we really think that rewriting the document is prudent of those trying to defend it?

Can we really entrust our Constitution to the political jockeying of Congress? Consider the importance of some of the critical rules the Congress will determine regarding an Article V Constitutional Convention:  

  • When and where will a Convention be held? 
  • How many delegates will each state receive?   
  • How many votes will each state receive? One vote per state like the original Constitutional Convention? Or, will delegates be apportioned by population giving large states more votes?
  • Will the delegates be elected or appointed by Congress, the State Legislature, political parties, or the people?
  • Will Governors, who will assume they should represent their states, be delegates? 
  • How will the President of the Convention, who will rule the Convention with his gavel, be chosen?  
  • Will members of Congress write themselves into the Convention rules as delegates? 
  • Would it be wise or possible to hold the Convention in secret like the original convention to minimize the power of the media? 

We must face the reality that an Article V Constitutional Convention could jeopardize our most basic liberties enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Consider this: Suppose that at a strategic moment during the Convention there is a horrifying tragedy like a public shooting, with all of the emotion and attending media hysteria. Our Second Amendment right "to keep and bear arms” could be at serious risk along with many other Constitutional liberties.  

Furthermore, after the amendments are written, can we be assured that State Legislatures are strong enough to refuse to ratify any egregious amendments that might be passed by the Convention? Did not three-fourths of the State Legislatures ratify the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments that give the Federal Government incredible power that they wield over Americans today? 

We agree that the United States Constitution is in jeopardy, but the substance of that sacred document is not the problem. The problem is the elected officials that refuse to honor, defend, and uphold the principles and laws set forth by it.

The idea of a Constitutional Convention is not only a bad one, but it is a distraction from the real task at hand — winning elections. We do not need new amendments to the Constitution. Our Founders gave their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish this land of liberty. We need Americans to do the same and return to the original, founding principles of our great country.


You MUST act now by contacting your state officials. We have heard that some solid, conservative State Legislators have been refused entry to the meeting, and even more do not even know that it is taking place. See the action items below and help us protect and defend our freedoms! 


  • Your personal State Senator and House/Assembly member. 
  • Your Republican and Democrat Leadership in your State Senate and House/Assembly. 


  • Send this email to your friends and family after you have taken action.

More Information on Con Con: 

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