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Take Action Obama's Shutdown: Don't Be Fooled
October 3, 2013

This week’s political news has been fast-paced, urgent, and indeed scary, but how do we cut through the spin of the Obama administration and their mainstream media? The facts are simple. President Obama and his Democratic Senate absolutely refuse to compromise with House Republicans. They are so unwilling to compromise or even work with Republicans that they shut down the federal government and have now resorted to fear-mongering and hyping this government slow-down into more than it is.

President Obama and Harry Reid’s Senate are holding national parks, monuments, buildings, and federal employees hostage until Republicans and the public give in to their demands. This administration and their political pawns have decided that they would rather go to extreme lengths to barricade unsupervised monuments than to allow Congress to represent the will of the people.  

In an unprecedented move yesterday, we saw federal workers placing barricades and caution tape around our national monuments in D.C., barring the public and even WWII veterans visiting D.C. These sites are unsupervised and open 24/7 – previous shutdowns have never affected these locations. For the White House to send the U.S. Park Police to restrict World War II veterans from their own memorial is both despicable and embarrassing.

Obama’s White House-orchestrated shutdown is purely political and a petty attempt to strong-arm the American people and their representative Congress. It has served the purpose of hiding the failed opening of Obamacare exchanges this week that were riddled with glitches, shutdowns, and fraud. Nevertheless, the President insisted on shutting down the government, laying off hundreds of thousands of federal employees, and holding our national treasures hostage until he gets his way.     

The House of Representatives is listening to the people, and have been trying for weeks to defund, delay, and dismantle Obamacare in any way they can while they voted to keep the government open. The American people have spoken, and they do not want Obamacare wreaking havoc on our American healthcare, with recent polling showing that opposition by as much as 60%. But at every turn, Obama has threatened to veto any legislation that does not fully fund Obamacare, regardless of the impending shutdown deadline.  

Since late Tuesday night – several hours into the shutdown – the House has tried to pass funding appropriations for national parks, veterans affairs, and other essentials, only to be tabled (meaning Senator Harry Reid would not even bring them up for a vote) by the Senate Democrats.

President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have shown exactly to what lengths they will go to take over the healthcare industry in America. They will sacrifice federal employees’ jobs, our national parks and monuments, and the daily functions of our government until the American people and the House of Representatives bend to their will. We must not stand for this. It is time for the American people to stand up and cry out against Obama’s political shutdown.

We must stand our ground and hold to our principles. Obamacare is destroying American lives and wreaking havoc on our economy. Fighting this monster is a principle on which we cannot waver. We must not cave to Obama’s demands and exit this shutdown on his terms. This truly is a political staring contest. It’s time for us to follow the advice of Senator Ted Cruz: "Don’t Blink!"

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