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Take Action Urgent Action: Stop Common Core in Kansas NOW!

May 20, 2013

Time is of the essence right now in Kansas. We have the opportunity to stop the implementation of the Common Core Standards (CCS), but we must act quickly! As a final matter of this legislative session, your State Senator and State Representative will be voting on the state appropriations bill that must be approved by both houses in order to stop Common Core.

As you know, the Common Core State Standards Initiative is a big-government, top-down control of education that sacrifices individualism for the sake of the collective. Local school boards will have zero control of content, and costs are estimated to be $16 billion with 90% paid by these states who have no say in what is being taught!

There is also a data-tracking requirement from K through Career that is an intrusive violation of the privacy rights of our children and their parents. Additionally, CCS is a deliberate dumbing-down of our children as shown by performance scores that have steadily deteriorated since the inception of the Department of Education. In fact, the standards are so low that two Ph.D.s serving on the CCS validation committee (Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram) refused to sign off on the standards. You can read more about this issue in this Phyllis Schlafly column.

We can defeat Common Core in Kansas – but only with your help.

Take Action!

Please call your legislators and ask them to vote “no” on any budget that does not defund the Common Core. You can also click here to send an e-mail (talking points provided) to your representatives.

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Please vote "no" on any budget that does not defund the Common Core Standards.
This big-government, top-down approach to education is not good for students and not good for Kansas!
With costs expecting to be anywhere from $60-$185 million over the next few years, Kansans cannot afford the Common Core.
Please stand with us, and stand for Kansas by voting to defund the Common Core Standards.
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