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Arkansas State Leadership
Jonathan Dismang President Pro Tempore
Jonathan Dismang (R-AR-28th)
Jim Hendren Majority Leader
Jim Hendren (R-AR-2nd)
Bart Hester Majority Whip
Bart Hester (R-AR-1st)
Keith M. Ingram Minority Leader
Keith M. Ingram (D-AR-24th)
Will Bond Minority Whip
Will Bond (D-AR-32nd)
House of Representatives
Jon S. Eubanks Speaker Pro Tempore
Jon S. Eubanks (R-AR-74th)
Matthew J. Shepherd Interim Speaker
Matthew J. Shepherd (R-AR-6th)
Mathew W. Pitsch Majority Leader
Mathew W. Pitsch (R-AR-76th)
John Payton Majority Whip
John Payton (R-AR-64th)
David Whitaker Minority Leader
David Whitaker (D-AR-85th)
Charles Blake Minority Whip
Charles Blake (D-AR-36th)
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