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Help Make CSU a State Funding Priority
In just over ten years from now, the state is projected to have a shortfall of nearly 1 million workers with baccalaureate degrees. With the CSU annually awarding half of the bachelor degrees in the state-- more than any other California institution-- the number of students that enroll and graduate from the CSU must grow to meet workforce demand. With more than $8 billion in new revenues, largely from Proposition 30, the CSU asks for your help in requesting that the Legislature make an additional investment of $95 million of these new funds in the system to make sure students can get the education they deserve.
The Governor’s Budget Proposal
In January the Governor proposed a five percent increase ($142 million) for the CSU. These new funds are appreciated by the CSU and will help the system revitalize its core mission by allowing for an even greater focus on student graduation. However, it still falls short of providing funding necessary for critical needs that are the result of devastating cuts in the last five years.
During the fiscal crisis when the CSU lost nearly one-third of its state support, the system worked hard to protect the classroom; but it did not have the resources it needed to hire tenure track faculty and many financial aid and academic advising services became critically understaffed. Additionally, nearly 50 percent of CSU state buildings are more than 40 years old and in need of renovation, repair and technological improvements. Simply put, after many years of budget cuts the CSU’s infrastructure is frayed in three vital areas: people, physical structures and technology.
CSU Board of Trustees Adopted Budget
In recognition of state and system needs, last November, the CSU Board of Trustees adopted a budget plan that requested $237 million in state funds - $95 million more than what the Governor proposed and what would amount to a ten percent increase from last year. The Trustees budget plan keeps tuition fees at the same level for the fourth consecutive year and is reasonable given the state’s economic recovery and the voters’ approval of Proposition 30 for education. This request is also consistent with the proposed funding increases for community colleges (10%) and K-12 schools (10%).
Your Help is Needed
We need the Legislature to hear from citizens that the CSU should be a funding priority for the state. We ask that you write a letter to your elected members of the Legislature and request that they provide a ten percent increase to the CSU, just like what is proposed for K-12 schools and for community colleges. For your convenience, you will find a draft letter at this link that you are encouraged to personalize.

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