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Action Alert

As a member of the Center for Moral Clarity, an Ohio-based Christian grassroots organization, I am concerned about the practices of the payday lending industry. While I understand the need these businesses are filling, the interest rates they charge are unconscionable. They are preying upon the poorest Ohioans, and their actions are largely unregulated by the state.

In difficult economic times, the capping of the interest rate payday lenders can charge is a common-sense step that would aid the poorest Ohioans as they struggle from paycheck to paycheck.

A bipartisan bill just introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives, HB 333, would cap interest rates on these short-term loans at 36 percent. It deserves your support, and I would ask you to use your influence to urge the House Financial Institutions, Real Estate and Securities Committee to hold hearings on it promptly, so it has every opportunity to become law this year.

Thank you for considering my opinion.


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