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Action Alert

I have learned about the status of many of President Bush’s judicial nominees, and frankly am surprised at the inaction of the Senate Judiciary Committee on 28 pending nominees. My understanding is that the President’s nominees have been waiting months and, in one case, more than two years just to have the committee vote on their nomination.

I believe this is an unacceptable situation, and I’m sure you would agree if you were in the position of one of these judicial candidates. The Senate has a responsibility to these willing public servants to vote yes or no on their candidacy for a federal judgeship. Even if you disagree with the judicial philosophy of the nominee, it is the Senate’s responsibility to perform its function of advise and consent. Currently, the Judiciary Committee’s failure to fulfill the most basic of its responsibilities is giving the entire Senate a black eye.

As a member of the Center for Moral Clarity, a national Christian grassroots organization, I am asking you to use your influence with committee members to act upon all pending judicial nominees in a timely fashion.

Thank you for considering my opinion.


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