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Action Alert
I have been following with interest the Indian Health Care Improvement Act. The Senate has passed its version of the bill, S.1200, and I hope the House will act upon it quickly.

In particular, the Senate took an important and proper step with the bill when it restricted the use of funds for the vast majority of abortions performed on Indian reservations. This provision honors the sanctity of human life, and sends an appropriate message that our nation does not use taxpayer money to end human life in the womb. In this manner, the bill conforms with the principles of the Hyde Amendment, which is part of annual Health and Human Services authorization bills.

As a member of the Center for Moral Clarity, I consider the sanctity of life one of the most important issues in this nation. So I urge you to vote for the Indian Health Care Improvement Act only if this provision, known as the Vitter Amendment, is included. Thank you for considering my opinion.


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