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Action Alert

I am urging you to stand up for the sanctity of innocent human life by supporting two important bills that deserve the Senate’s full consideration. HB 314, now in the Health, Human Services and Aging Committee, would guarantee pregnant girls and women the opportunity to see ultrasound images of the baby developing inside them. This is important because a woman who sees an ultrasound image of her baby is far more likely to reject the option of abortion than a woman who is denied the opportunity to fully understand what is happening inside her.

I also ask you to support and vote for SB 174, which would ban human cloning in Ohio. The bill is now in the Judiciary-Civil Justice Committee. There is no justification for cloning, and Ohio should be on record as opposing this practice.

As a member of the Center for Moral Clarity, the sanctity of human life is important to me, as it is to a majority of Ohioans. Please do everything in your power to pass both of these common-sense bills. Thank you for considering my opinion.


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