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Action Alert
As a member of the Center for Moral Clarity, I have followed with interest the efforts of Gov. Ted Strickland to abandon Ohio's historic commitment to abstinence education. Though he supported federal funding for abstinence education while in Congress, he has declined those funds as governor, and is championing a curriculum that offers much less to Ohio teens.

Abstinence education provides teens with information about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, while emphasizing that abstaining from sex is the only way to avoid the physical and emotional risks of casual sex.

Fortunately two of your colleagues, Reps. William Batchelder and Lynn Wachtmann, are responding to this situation by circulating a "Dear Colleague" letter urging the governor to reconsider this irresponsible course of action. I would ask you to sign this letter within the next week, because a significant number of your constituents consider abstinence education to be the best course of action for our young people.

Thank you for considering my opinion.


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