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Legislative Alerts and Updates
Protect Premium Cigars From FDA Regulation Say Yes To Senate Bill 9 and House Bill 1854
 State Legislative:
Arizona - Say No To Premium Cigar Tax Increase In Arizona
Colorado - Say No To Colorado Cigar Shop Smoking Ban - Oppose HB 1076
Colorado - Say No To Colorado House Bill 1033 - Allows Local Government To Impose Tougher Laws & Higher Taxes On Premium Cigars
Connecticut - Say Yes To Connecticut House Bill 5139 - Expansion Of Cigar Bars
Florida - Say No To Florida Beaches Smoking Ban - Oppose SB 218
Hawaii - Say Yes To Tax Cap In Hawaii - Support HB 331 and SB 222
Iowa - Say No To Iowa HF 364 - Tax Increase On Premium Cigars
Iowa - Say No To Smoking Ban Extension - Oppose SF 109
Massachusetts - Say No To Higher Taxes On Cigars - Oppose Senate Bill 1609
Maine - Say No To Maine LD 1028 - Increases Taxes On Premium Cigars
Maine - Say Yes To Maine Tobacco Specialty Stores - Support LD 343
Michigan - Make The Michigan Cigar Tax Cap Permanent Say Yes To Senate Bill 58
Minnesota - Say No To Minnesota HF 2679 - Increases Taxes On Premium Cigar Tax Cap
North Dakota - Say Yes To Cigar Bars In North Dakota
Nebraska - Say No To Nebraska Legislative Bill 710 Increases Taxes On Premium Cigars
Nebraska - Say Yes To Nebraska Cigar Tax Cap - Support LB 429
New Mexico - Say No To New Mexico House Bill 261 - Tax Increase On Premium Cigars
Nevada - Say No To Anti-Small Business Tax Measure - Oppose SB 81
Oklahoma - Say No To Cigar Shop & Cigar Bar Smoking Ban In Oklahoma - Oppose HB 2288
Oregon - Say No To Tax Cap Removal In Oregon - Oppose HB 2158 and HB 2270
Wyoming - Say No To Higher Taxes In Wyoming - Oppose HB 218
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