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  • HB 1139 for Office of Public Guardianship expansion

    Law and Justice Committee need to hear from you

    Please make sure that HB 1139 gets heard and exec'd in the Law and Justice Committee before the next cut-off. This bill expands the type of services that can be provided by the Office of Public Guardianship (OPG). Not all of the clients need a full guardianship, for some having a payee or supported decision-making services would meet their needs and be less costly, allowing more people to be served. Ask members to please hear and pass HB 1139!

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  • Don't Cut and Cap Medicaid!

    Medicaid Action 2

    This is the second Medicaid action. In the first one you communicated your message to your Congressional Representative, this message is to your Senators.

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  • The Future of Medicaid is in Your Hands

    Contact your Congressional Rep today!

    The House GOP Health Care bill will Cut and Cap funding for Medicaid ...

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  • Call your Congressional, State Reps and the Governor

    Medicaid Cuts Affect All Levels

    The Arc Action Alert: Take Action To Prevent Gutting of the ACA and Medicaid ...

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  • School-to-Work in Danger!

    DVR plans to cancel much needed program

    School-to-Work (STW) has been a long time collaboration among the DSHS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), local school districts, employment agencies, and 7 county DD programs to ensure students with significant developmental disabilities successfully transition from school to the workforce. ...

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