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Take Action Therapy Can't Wait - Ask Congress to Repeal the Cap
Congress must take action to repeal the cap

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The Medicare therapy cap is a $2,010 cap on Medicare Part B therapy services that applies to all outpatient settings except for hospital outpatient departments/clinics (but including critical access hospitals). This cap means that a Medicare beneficiary cannot receive outpatient therapy services once they have reached the cap, regardless of Medical necessity. The current cap took effect on January 1st - after Congress failed to take action to extend the exceptions process (or pathway to care) in 2017. The cap will deny the most vulnerable Medicare beneficiaries access to therapy services. 

Now, 20 years after the therapy cap was first signed into law, Congress has agreed on draft legislation that would permanently repeal the therapy cap but they need to act. There are many priority issues before Congress, and they need to hear from you that this is a priority. They need to know, for vulnerable beneficiaries, therapy can't wait! 

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Learn more about recent Congressional action related to the therapy cap.

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