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The House and the Senate have each passed their own versions of the Tax Reform Bill. Now they must agree to a final version of the Tax Reform Bill. The House-passed bill contains language that would make it more difficult for students to pay for undergraduate and graduate education. The Senate-passed bill does not contain this languge.

Contact your members of Congress to help make sure this language does not make it into the final Tax Reform Bill.

The proposed language includes:

  • Making the student loan interest from federal loans, which is currently paid for by the federal government during a student’s time in school, considered income that can be taxed
  • Making any tuition waived by a college or university considered income eligible to be taxed. This includes tuition waived because a graduate student works for the school
  • Eliminating the ability for graduates to deduct their student loan interest from their taxes

We need your help to protect students in higher education. Please send a message to your Congressional delegation urging them to adopt the senate position that tuition assistance for students in higher education should be protected.

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