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H.R. 4347 - Turkey Christian Churches Accountability Act
Bill # H.R.4347

Original Sponsor:
Ed Royce (R-CA 39th)

Cosponsor Total: 24
(last sponsor added 11/20/2014)
  3 Republicans
  21 Democrats
About This Legislation:
Directs the Secretary of State to report annually to Congress until 2021 on the status and return of stolen, confiscated, or otherwise unreturned Christian churches, places of worship, and other properties in or from the Republic of Turkey and in the areas of northern Cyprus occupied by the Turkish military. Requires such report to:

(1) list all the Christian churches, places of worship, and other religious properties, including movable properties such as artwork and other artifacts, in or from Turkey and in the territories of the Republic of Cyprus under military occupation by Turkey that are claimed as stolen, confiscated, or otherwise wrongfully removed from their Christian church owners; and

(2) describe all engagement over the previous year on this issue by Department of State officials with representatives of the Republic of Turkey. Requires that a summary of such information be included in the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices and the International Religious Freedom Reports.
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