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Safe Treatment, Avoiding Needless Deaths, and Abuse Reduction in the Detention System Act or the Strong STANDARDS Act
Bill # H.R.4470

Original Sponsor:
Diane Watson (D-CA 33rd)

Cosponsor Total: 1
(last sponsor added 05/11/2010)
  1 Democrats
About This Legislation:
1/19/2010--Introduced. Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) to: (1) ensure that all individuals subject to detention under the Immigration and Nationality Act (detainees) are treated humanely and granted specified protections; and (2) comply with minimum requirements concerning detainees set forth in this Act. Sets forth requirements concerning a wide range of issues, including: (1) detainee medical care, examinations, and records; (2) detainee releases, transfers, and transportation; (3) detainee access to telephones, legal information and representation, translation services, and recreational activities; (4) protection of detainees from abuse, the unique needs of vulnerable detainees, and the segregation of children; (5) limitations on solitary confinement, shackling, and strip searches; (6) detainee visits with religious individuals and children; (7) detention facility personnel training; (8) detainee grievances; and (9) facility compliance. Sets forth specific requirements for short-term (72 hours or less) detention facilities, including concerning: (1) provision of basic needs, detainee access to consular officials and health care professionals, and the return of property; and (2) protections for children. Requires the Secretary to appoint and convene an Immigration Detention Commission to conduct independent investigations of detention facility and DHS compliance with requirements under this Act. Establishes reporting requirements concerning any individual who dies while in DHS custody.
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