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Congressional Legislation
Secure and Safe Detention and Asylum Act
Bill # S.1594

Original Sponsor:
Joseph Lieberman (I-CT)

Cosponsor Total: 1
(last sponsor added 09/29/2009)
  1 Democrats
About This Legislation:
Sets forth provisions regarding procedures and standards applicable to aliens detained in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) custody and the conditions of such custody which shall address: (1) new detention standards; (2) fair and humane treatment; (3) solitary confinement limitations; (4) investigation of grievances; (5) access to telephones and legal assistance; (6) detainee transfers; (7) translation capabilities; (8) medical care; (9) vulnerable populations; (10) standards for non-criminal detainees; (11) personnel training; and (12) reporting of detainee deaths. Establishes in DHS: (1) an Office of Detention Oversight; and (2) a detention alternatives program under which detainees may be released under enhanced supervision. Provides for: (1) legal orientation for immigration and asylum detainees; (2) construction or use of less restrictive detention facilities, including facilities for families with children; and (3) quality assurance procedures regarding expedited removal interviews. Authorizes the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom to study the effect of expedited removal provisions, practices, and procedures on asylum claims.
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