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Transportation Committee
Website: http://nyassembly.gov/comm/?id=39
William Magnarelli Asm.
William Magnarelli (DEM-NY-129th)
Democrats (17)
Asm. Harry Bronson (DEM-NY-138th)
Asm. Marcos Crespo (DEM-NY-85th)
Asm. Patricia Fahy (DEM-NY-109th)
Asm. Mathylde Frontus (DEM-NY-46th)
Asw. Pamela Hunter (DEM-NY-128th)
Asw. Alicia Hyndman (DEM-NY-29th)
Asm. Jonathan Jacobson (DEM-NY-104th)
Asw. Donna Lupardo (DEM-NY-123rd)
Asw. Karen McMahon (DEM-NY-146th)
Asm. N. Nick Perry (DEM-NY-58th)
Asm. Taylor Darling (DEM-NY-18th)
Asm. Sean Ryan (DEM-NY-149th)
Asw. Jo Anne Simon (DEM-NY-52nd)
Asm. Phillip Steck (DEM-NY-110th)
Asm. Fred Thiele (DEM-NY-1st)
Asw. Jaime Williams (DEM-NY-59th)
Asm. Tremaine Wright (DEM-NY-56th)
Republicans (7)
Asm. Kevin Byrne (REP-NY-94th)
Asm. Joseph DeStefano (REP-NY-3rd)
Asm. David DiPietro (REP-NY-147th)
Asm. David McDonough (REP-NY-14th)
Asm. Brian Miller (REP-NY-101st)
Asw. Michael Norris (REP-NY-144th)
Asm. Mark Walczyk (REP-NY-116th)
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