Issues and Legislation
Current Legislation
S.909 Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act
S.909 The Matthew Shepard Act
S.833 Early Treatment for HIV Act (ETHA)
S.611 The REAL Act
S.424 Uniting American Families Act
S.21 Prevention First Act
H.R.2262 Safe Schools Improvement Act
H.R.1913 Hate Crimes Prevention Bill
H.R.1729 Student Voter Act
H.R.1616 Early Treatment for HIV Act (ETHA)
H.R.1551 The REAL Act
H.R.1024 Uniting American Families Act
H.R.463 Prevention First Act
SB176 Ohio Prevention First Act
SB176 Ohio Prevention First Act
HB316 Act for Our Children's Future
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Key Votes
U.S. Senate:
Wicker Amdt. No. 607 as Modified; To require that amounts appropriated for the United Nations Population Fund are not used by organizations which support coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization.
Martinez Amdt. No. 65; To restore the prohibition on funding of nongovernmental organizations that promote abortion as a method of birth control (the "Mexico City Policy").
U.S. House:
Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act
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Capitol Hill Basics
Tips about communicating with Members and general information about Hill staffers, the legislative process and more.