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Take Action Let's Fully Fund Title IV, Part A Grants!
Investment in world language is on the line

Join ACTFL in Requesting Full Funding for Title IV, Part A!

Join the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the Title IV, Part A Coalition to urge Congress to fully fund the Title IV, Part A block grant! (scroll down for background information on Title IV and ESSA). 

Quick - What Can I Do?

We ask that you please take 5-10 minutes right now to join educators and advocates all across the nation by taking the following actions:

1) Send a letter to Congress!

Scroll down and input your info to use our easy advocacy tool to send this pre-written letter directly to your Congressperson urging her/him to fully fund the block grant!

2) Tweet #MoreTitleIV!

Tweet using the hashtag #MoreTitleIV and talk about the importance of fully funding Title IV, Part A!

Here are some sample tweets you can use (feel free to adapt them however you'd like):

  • .@[Senator] #MoreTitleIV funding means greater flexibility and more meaningful investments for local school districts! #ESSA
  • #MoreTitleIV funding provides schools the ability to give students a more complete, well rounded education .@[Senator] #ESSA
  • Every school would benefit from a fully funded Title IV, A grant, without it districts are forced to choose one program over another. #MoreTitleIV .@[Senator] #ESSA

3) Call your members in Congress!

Call your Senators’ and Representative’s offices!

  • Unsure who your Representative is? – Visit the Find Your Representative tool!

  • Unsure what to say? - Here is a script you can use when speaking to staff member of the office.
    • I am a member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and I am calling to urge Senator/Representative [insert name here] to support full funding of the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program under Title IV, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Congress authorized Title IV Part A of ESSA at $1.65 Billion to ensure that each school district received funds to support access to a well-rounded education, improve student’s physical and mental health and improve conditions for learning, and to increase the effective use of technology.  Unfortunately, current appropriations bills do not include full funding.
  • [If calling the Senate]: The Senate is proposing funding this grant at $300 million, which would prevent ALL districts from receiving funds, which is NOT what the law intended.
  • [If calling the House]: The House is proposing funding this grant at $1 Billion, which falls short of Congressional intent.
  • There is a wealth of evidence that supports the need for students to have access to a diverse academic curriculum that includes world languages, a subject that is absolutely critical to ensure all students graduate from high school college- and career-ready. 
  • ESSA eliminated numerous programs that support the development and implementation of these comprehensive programs that are essential to student learning.  Without a significant investment in Title IV Part A, districts will be faced with the unnecessarily difficult decision of choosing which area to invest in.  Full funding of Title IV Part A will ensure that each district is provided funds to invest in each of these critical areas: supporting safe and successful students; increasing access to a well-rounded education; and increasing the effective use of technology.
  • I urge Senator/Representative [insert name] to support the full funding if Title IV Part A.

What Is Title IV, Part A?

The Title IV, Part A block grant is a new program created by the newly enacted and bipartisan “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA).  The program, also known as the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant program, will be utilized by states and school districts to:

  1. Provide students with a well-rounded education (including world language programming);
  2. Support a safe and healthy school environment; and
  3. Support the effective use of technology in the classroom.

The Underfunding Threat

Despite being authorized at $1.65 billion within ESSA, the block grant is facing significant funding barriers from Congress. The Senate’s proposal only allocates $300 million for the block grant while the House’s allocation would provide $1 billion, both falling far short of the authorized level. If underfunded, school districts would be prevented from investing in meaningful areas of education, like world languages, and will be faced with the unnecessarily difficult choice of funding some programs over others.

In order to keep the pressure on Congress to fully fund the SSAE program, ACTFL has joined together with over a hundred organizations to form the Title IV, Part A coalition, working to urge Congress to provide maximum funding for the program. 

However, we cannot do it alone and we need YOUR help to get the message across to Congress!

Thank you for all your time and dedication to promoting world languages! 


Martha G. Abbott
Executive Director 

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