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Legislative Alerts and Updates
It is time for an Executive Order banning Mercury in vaccines
Take Action: Call White House and ask for Veto
US Take Action: Bill calling for first ever federal vax/un-vaxxed study
Take Action: No denial of health insurance for pre-existing conditions
Take Action: Demand healthcare reform as if Autism matters
Tale Action: Demand healthcare reform as if Autism matterk
Take action: Stop HR34, 21st Century Cures Act
Take action: Stop HR34, 21st Century Cures Act
CDC proposes drastic increase in power to force treatment
Bill in Congress threatens religious exemptions
Rep. Kathleen Rice co-sponsors Kevin and Avonte's Law
What has Congress done about autism lately? Let's ask.
Take Action: Ask your Rep. to sponsor Kevin and Avonte's Law of 2016
 State Legislative:
NY Take Action: Ask your reps to sponsor the 911 Bill
Protect people with autism and developmental disabilities
NY Take Action: Speaker Heastie blocking 911 bill
Good news. We have majorities in both houses on our 911 bill
Good News: 911 bill passes NY Senate Mental Health Committee
NY Take Action: New Bill to stop schools denying religious exemptions
NY Take Action: Call Albany Today
New York - NY Take Action: Bill guaranteeing religious exemptions moving
New York - NY Take Action: Bills that will guarantee religious exemptions
New York - NY needs a budget as if people with autism mattered
New York - NY Take Action: Call your Reps in Albany
New York - NY, They're back: Bills to repeal religious exemptions
New York - Bill needed to protect disabled residents of state facilities
New York - HPV vax in minors without parental consent now allowed in NY
New TV spot on need for a vote on the 911 bill
Take Action: President must create vaccine safety commission
NY Take Action: Demand a budget as if people with Autism mattered
Please ask Pres. Trump and Sec. DeVos to finally fully-fund Special Education
NYS Health Commissioner illegally overrides Mercury-free vaccine law
Take Action: CDC refuses to allow Thompson to testify
New IL law creates big improvement in Autism treatment
Save the Date: Oct. 15, Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair
Autism book targeted by by international boycott released
NY Legislative Wrap-Up: No votes yet on Religious Exemption or 911 bills
NY: Call Albany today to allow a vote on 911 civil rights bill
New Study shows diagnostic substitution can't explain exploding autism numbers
NY Take Action: Vast majority of legislators support 911 protection for disabled
Boston Herald Editor calls for execution of vaccine critics
NY "Immunization Exemption 101" May 25 in Commack
A free email book give-away from Skyhorse Publishing
Rare network television discussion of vaccine safefy
RFK, Jr.'s World Mercury Project Fundraiser in NYC on April 18
Art Gallery Opening to banefit the Autism Community Walk
Hope and Healing for Autism and Neuro-Developmental Disorders
Workshop Training on Family Violence & Conflict
Revolution for Truth Rally Washington DC, Friday, 3/31
The fim 2e:twice exceptional at SUNY Old Westbury, 3/30
Revolution for Truth: Protect your parental rights and civil liberties
Autism Advocacy and Lobbying Day in Albany, April 3, 2017
Please sign the White House petition
"The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism" with James Lyons-Weiler, Ph. D.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro Hold Press Conference
New Yorkers: Were you or a loved one injured by the HPV vaccine?
End Regents Exams for high school graduation in NY
Memorial Service for Dan Olmsted, March 18, 2017
Dan Olmsted, a champion journalist of the autism community, has died.
Time to get on Twitter if you aren't already
RFK Jr. asked to head vaccine safety commission by Trump
New poll shows who believes vaccines can cause autism
World Mercury Project needs you!
Two new autism books from Skyhorse for the price of one
NYC protests forced vaccination panel
Gary Null, VAXXED's Bigtree and Tommey speak out against forced vaccinations
A Conversation about Childhood Vaccination panel discussion
Autism Speaks gave up on looking for a cure
This Sunday, Autism Community Walk, Come on down.
Conversation begins with Rep. Joseph Kennedy on religious exemptions from vaccine mandates
Appellate Court court smacks down NYC flu shot mandate
Join the Vaxxed team at the office of Rep. Peter King
CDC proposes drastic increase in power to compel treatment
Meeting with NY Senate Majority Leader John Flangan
VAXXED, the Movie comes to Hampton Bays, 10/6
VAXXED, the Movie, Comes to Westchester, 10/5
14 day until the Autism Community Walk
Rep. Kennedy will meet with Autism Action Network
Kick-Off meeting, MA Coaliton for Vaccine Choice
We got hacked.
Spin class for Autism Community Walk
Come on down to the Autism Community Walk
Did your doctor fail to warn you about possible vaccine injury?
It's time to fire the American Academy of Pediatrics
Autism Action Network fights for you
Announcing the Global Health Coalition
NY Religious exemption workshops with Rita Palma
CA Judge OKs No Shots, No School
NY: Help us help you
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